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Twig monitors and track your plants' health. It makes learning to grow easy.

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Take the guesswork out
of growing your plants.

Many people struggle to grow and maintain healthy plants. When and how much do you water it? How much sunlight should it get? Twig answers all of these questions and more. Before you know it, you'll be growing healthy plants.

Start using Twig in 4 easy steps.

Before you know it, you'll be able to keep track of how your
plant is growing while learning about its specific needs.

Plug Twig into your plant

Simply plug Twig into your plant's soil and it will detect the moisture, light and temperature levels.

Learn about how the sensors work

"Having plants in your home not only increases happiness, but they help you breathe easier, improve sleep and purify the air"

Log in the Twig app on your smart phone

Log in with your username and password or connect with Facebook.

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Create a plant profile & add it to your dashboard

Your dashboard is your home-base. Keep track of your plants and know right away when they need attention.

Once you create your plant
profile, leave the rest up to us!

The app will sync the new profile to your Twig device.

Twig will search for your wifi network and let you know when it's connected.

Learn more about wifi

After your device is connected, Twig
is ready to start monitoring and you're
ready to start learning!

The key to growing healthy plants is right at your fingertips.

The Twig app's simple & friendly design lets you explore the world of plants with ease.

The Twig app was designed with you in mind. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, we're here for you.

No need to study complex instructions. At a quick glance you can see how each individual plant is doing, and how to correct any problems that may come up. If you're curious about the different species already in your garden or others you might want to add, check out Twig's library of over 500 plants with just a few taps. With all that information at your fingertips you'll have a greener thumb in no time.

Keep Up With Your Plant's Progress

Once you input your plant's growth stage, Twig monitors how it's doing. You'll always know your plant's current growth stage is and what stage is next.

Learn About Your Plant's Moisture, Light & Temperature Levels

Each sensor in the device has a graph that shows the current level as well as the maximum and minimum levels. Watch the graphs change at real-time when you're adjusting the different conditions of your plant.

A practical & intuitive sensor system for your plant.

Drawing inspiration from nature, the Twig device seamlessly blends in with your plants.

Roll over the hot-spots to learn a little more about the device.

High Tech Sensors

State of the art sensors allow for real time monitoring.

Stainless Steel Clip

A steel clip allows the device to be attached directly to your plant's pot.

Light Level Sensor

A light sensor detects if your plant is getting proper sunlight.

A Durable Outer Shell

Reinforced plastic lets the device withstand any dirt and water.

Twig uses easily accessible technologies to make learning about and caring for your plants fun and easy. Everything from the sensors it uses to keep an eye on your plants to the app you use to keep an eye on Twig, growing plants has never been this effortless.


Arduino is the heart of the Twig device. Arduino is an open-source electronic system that we connect to moisture, light and temperature sensors. Our developers then work their magic to translate the data from the sensors to the Twig app.

Cutting-edge Web Technology

Our developers to bring the app to life using the latest programs for the web: HTML5 , CSS3, jQuery and Backbone.js. Responsive design means that the app will adjust for different screen sizes, so Twig can be used on any smartphone.

The Power of Wi-fi

Twig uses your wifi connection to send your plant's sensor data right to your mobile device. So no matter where you are, you can check up on your plants.

What are you waiting for?

The time for healthy plants is now.

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